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Navigating the specialized environment of the A/E/C landscape comes standard at Chadwick. Our brokerage team has a combined 100+ years of industry experience, which allows us to fully understand our clients’ needs.

Along these lines, we are able to develop and curate targeted insurance and risk management programs which promote efficiency, productivity and most of all the appropriate protection for a competitive price.


This type of policy is designed to protect against liability arising from actual (or merely alleged) negligence in the performance of professional services. They provide a legal defense in the event of a lawsuit and will pay settlements or judgements the insured becomes legally obligated to pay, up to the policy’s limits of liability. They also commonly provide assistance to insureds before a claim is made to help avert or mitigate the severity of a claim.


These policies are designed to protect against claims of bodily injury and/or property damage that do not result from the rendering of professional services. Although infrequent, general liability claims can be catastrophic for the design professional, especially when they involve serious injury or death on a jobsite if the policy has limitations like coverage for on-premise liabilities only, or exclusions for injuries to workers.


Firms that own vehicles are, of course, legally required to carry auto liability coverage, but many firms that do not own vehicles also maintain commercial auto policies. In addition to being a common contractual requirement, a commercial auto policy can protect a firm from liabilities arising from the use of rented or borrowed vehicles, including employees’ own personal vehicles being used for business purposes. This coverage, “hired and non-owned” auto liability, is typically very inexpensive, and can sometimes even be added to a business owners policy for a nominal charge.


These policies contain 2 parts: Workers’ Compensation, which pays for medical expenses and lost wages in the event an employee is injured during the course of their employment; and Employer’s Liability, which protects the employer if the injured employee alleges that the employer’s actions caused or contributed to their injury.


Umbrella or Excess liability policies provide an additional “layer” of coverage that sits on top of a general liability, auto liability, or employers liability policy, or, most commonly, all 3. In addition to affording additional protection to the insured, these policies are also used to satisfy contractual requirements for limits that are higher than what the underlying policies’ insurance companies are able to provide.


Management Liability encompasses an array of different types of policies designed to protect a firm and its managers from liabilities that would typically not be covered by the above traditional types of insurance. This includes claims of discrimination or wrongful termination (EPLI); personal liability of a firm’s owners or officers (D&O); liability for breach of fiduciary duties (ERISA/Fiduciary); theft of the firm’s property, embezzlement, or allegations that employees stole from a client (Crime); or even coverage for ransom demands if a member of the firm is kidnapped (K&R).


Although virtually unheard of only 10 years ago, cyber liability policies have become one of the most important types of policies for companies of all types and sizes as privacy breaches and ransomware attacks have increased dramatically in both frequency and severity. It’s important to note that there exists an enormous range of coverages provided by policies within this category, with some providing very little useful coverage and others providing very broad and wholistic coverage with few policy exclusions.


Relationships are the heartbeat of our agency and the foundation of our success.
Hear what our clients are saying about us…

Eric Hirani

It is a pleasure to work with Chadwick and the entire team, especially Kendra Amato. Kendra is always responsive, kind, and professional. She is quick to provide whatever a client needs and as far as we are concerned a part of our team!

Eric Hirani, LEED AP BD+C, DBIA, CCM

Mike Mudalel

Kendra is extremely knowledgeable in her role within Chadwick Brokerage. Our operation is comprised of 3 companies, and she does a fantastic job servicing each of the companies’ needs. Even more importantly, if we have an insurance-related question or situation, Kendra will do her best to resolve it and if she cannot, she always knows the right resource within Chadwick to get us a timely and accurate solution. It is a pleasure to work with Kendra and the entire Chadwick team.

Mike Mudalel, PE

David Davis

The contract review services provided by Chadwick are quick and thorough; we consider their review of our agreements a major component of our firm’s risk management.

David Davis, AIA
Founding Principal / Rottet Studio

Jay M. Gewirtzman

Prior to signing any contracts, we do a risk review of the contract language. Eli Harvey, Principal of Chadwick Brokerage, assists us in this review. He makes recommendations on revising language so that our firm is not exposed to significant contractual risks. On many occasions, due to Eli’s comments, our clients have revised the language in our contract to lower the risk to our firm, which in the long run saves us significant sums of time and money.

Jay M. Gewirtzman, P.E.

Scott M. Chasse

We have been in the consulting engineering business for over 20 years and have had the pleasure of working with Eli Harvey for nearly all of those years.  Eli is a competent professional, responsive, available and extremely knowledgeable of our company's business insurance needs.  In addition, Eli's ability to thoroughly review contract insurance requirements has been extremely valuable to us.  Without hesitation, we would recommend Eli Harvey and Chadwick Brokerage to others.

Scott M. Chasse, PE

Libby West

Becht Engineering has been a client of Keith Fitschen for over a decade going back to 2009.  His breadth of knowledge and expertise differentiates him as a true expert in his field. Due to the on-demand nature of our global operations, it is paramount that we obtain timely customer service, whether it be for Certificates of Insurance or Contract Reviews.  Keith and his team always deliver in a professional  manner, which is why we considered them to be our “in house” insurance experts.

Libby West, Esq.
Inside Counsel & Business Manager / Becht Engineering Co., Inc.

Lakhram Brijmohan

Keith has served as our commercial insurance broker and risk management consultant since 2010.  He manages all of our commercial policies and is always responsive to our day to day needs.  His strengths in addressing our contract-related inquires in a prompt and efficient manner is what sets him apart from other brokers.  While his title may be broker, due to his high-level of professionalism and moral character, I also consider him to be a friend.  I would have no hesitation personally recommending both Keith and Chadwick to any A/E Firms seeking an insurance representative.

Lakhram Brijmohan, PE

Carla Murray

Our firm has had the pleasure of working with Keith for a decade as our insurance broker.  His timely and constructive advice regarding contract reviews, enables us to conduct our business in a profitable manner, by avoiding unnecessary risk and obtaining equitable language with our clients.  When it comes to everyday service requests and/or complex problems, Keith and his team at Chadwick are top notch, providing turnaround times within the hour.  We are confident we are in good hands and look forward to working with both Keith and Chadwick for many years to come.

Carla Murray, RA, LEED AP

Muhammed Izhar

SI Engineering has been working with Rich Standing since 2005, when we were a two-person company. As the business has evolved to where it is today, with two locations and over 100 employees, Rich has been a tremendous asset to our firm. He has done an excellent job taking care of our day-to-day requests, while anticipating our future needs during this period of extreme growth. He is more than capable of handling all lines of coverage, is always responsive and has superior industry knowledge.  This is why he is considered our trusted advisor, providing peace of mind.

Muhammed Izhar
PE - Principal / SI Engineering, PC

Denise Laskody

In a word, TRUST.  I have worked with Rich Standing for the past 15 years and counting.  Considered faithful advocates for our firm, Rich and his team are always readily available to answer any questions,  provide unfailingly knowledgeable advice, and act as fierce defenders of our Firm’s best interests.  I consider Rich to be the consummate business partner and, moreover, a friend.  I look forward to many more years partnering with Chadwick Brokerage.

Denise Laskody

Scott Muller

I have been working with Rich for almost 20 years.  The professional and timely manner in which he and his staff respond to my inquiries is one of the intangibles that most firms lack.  He is very knowledgeable of A/E industry practices and the marketplace we operate in.  I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who asks.

Scott Muller, P.E., P.L.S.
Chief Executive Officer / Gilmore & Associates, Inc.