Compensation Disclosure

Chadwick Brokerage LLC (Chadwick) is an independent insurance broker committed to providing best-in-class service to its clients in a completely transparent way.  Chadwick is engaged in the procurement, servicing of, claims administration, and renewal of insurance coverage for its clients through a host of insurance carrier partners.  We will also, on occasion, engage the services of other entities such as a wholesale broker or premium finance company.

Chadwick is primarily compensated through commission payments that are based on the insurance policy premiums charged by our carrier partners for each policy written on behalf of our clients.  In rare cases, Chadwick may receive additional fees from its clients that are in lieu of or, when allowable by statute, in addition to commissions for the placement of coverage, or for other related risk management services.  In addition to the fees and commissions described above, Chadwick may receive compensation for the arrangement of premium financing for our clients.

Chadwick will gladly provide its clients with full details concerning the various forms of compensation earned for the procurement of their respective insurance programs upon written request.